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Men's Boardshorts & Surf Trunks

Since the birth of the original canvas surf trunk at the Kanvas by Katin Surf Shop in the late 1950s by Walter Katin, to today's eclectic lineup of carefully crafted surf trunks, Katin continues to take great pride in our high-quality surf trunks.  
Our strategically constructed and versatile collection of surf trunks range from the original, American-made swim trunks, modeled after the Kanvas By Katin's original designs, to the modern surf trunks. 
No matter what shape or size you prefer there is a Katin trunk for you, produced with the same high-quality, durability and good looks since 1954.
 The exclusive Katin “Made To Fade” trunks are strategically printed to fade, crease and soften after wear and wash for a truly authentic look and vintage feel.