AWOW St. Christopher Necklace

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A WALK ON WATER provides water therapy through guided surf instruction to specials needs children.  Surfing is used as a tool to gain self confidence skills and promote the therapeutic benefits of the sport’s positive effects.  Children experience the true “stoke” of surfing and a sense of accomplishment as family and friends cheer them on from the beach.  Brothers and sisters also participate, helping to solidify an often strained bond between siblings.  Our surf events focus on both the athletes and their families, who are treated to a well-deserved day of relaxation, healthy food and lifestyle guidance.

It’s the 70s vintage St Christopher surf necklace. The medallion behind so many great stories and adventures. Snag it, wear it, gift it, repeat. Keep the tradition alive & Safe travels. - Get Back

  • - 3/4” Silver Plated St. Christopher Medal
  • - 24” Ball Chain Necklace (cut ball chain to fit your style)