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Yves Bright, was born in Lebanon and currently resides in Los Angeles. To say Yves is a man of many talents would be an understatement. Yves first hit the water on a board at the age of eight, standing up on boogie boards, eventually scoring his first surfboard as gift from his parents. After turning 18, Yves began surfing professionally and competed around the world and modeling for his sponsors. In his mid-twenties Yves was approached by a theatrical agent who wanted to represent him. It was after modeling gigs and agent representation that Yves made the transition from solely surfing to modeling and acting professionally. It wasn’t long before Yves added yet another role to his resume; photographer. Spending a great deal of time in front of the camera, Yves took an interest behind the lens and began dabbling in photography after acting in a feature film in Puerto Rico. “PR is beautiful and I had just enough down time to travel around shooting pictures with my phone.  I love the creative process of picture taking, capturing moments which evoke emotion,” Yves said. When he isn’t spending time on the water, or in front and behind the lens, Yves enjoys doing yoga, playing sports, playing guitar, skateboarding, reading, writing and making people laugh. I am such a fan of living. Not just existing but really living and pushing the boundaries, which are completely outside my comfort zone!” Yves said.
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