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Tristan Sullaway, born January, 26, 1996, spends his summers in his hometown of La Jolla, Calif., and spends the rest of his time in school at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Whether he’s in beautiful La Jolla or away at school, Tristan always finds his way out to sea, living by the advice of his first surf instructor and father, “when in doubt, paddle out.” To Tristan being a Katin Explorer means discovering new things, and when he’s not carving out time for himself out on the water he is practicing Jiu Jitsu, which he has done since the age of five. Looking up to local and professional surf “gods,” such as Kelly, Dane, Tudor, Curren and more, Tristan says what he loves most about surfing is that, “It so damn fun whats not to love!”
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