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Matthew David Glenn, born and raised in Vero Beach and currently hangs his hat in his home in New Smyrna Beach Florida. Matt grew up on the beaches of Florida, surfing almost every day from the age of four when his dad would throw him up on his own board and tell him to hold on tight. Now, Matt can be found on surfing pretty much anywhere he can, especially if it’s at his favorite surf spot at Soup Bowl in Barbados. Matt first learned of Katin when he spotted a Katin surfboard sticker out on in the lineup. Ever since he’s followed Katin’s story to present day. To Matt, being a Katin Explorer means “representing one of the oldest surf companies in America is an honor in itself, but maintaining the companies legacy is a huge deal to me.”

While Matt can almost always be found surfing, he does enjoy time skating and playing guitar, and living by the simple life advice to, “take it slow, get your rail wet, and have some fun.”

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