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Josie Elle Farrior was born in the beautiful Central Coast of California, and currently resides in Huntington Beach, Calif. Growing up along the coast, Josie spent much of her time outdoors under the sun, hanging by the beach, building tree houses and home gardens, and of course, skating the roads of San Luis Obispo. 

When Josie wasn’t cruising around on four wheels or hanging by the beach as a kid, Josie spent much of her childhood at her family’s cabin in Yosemite and Big Sur. With her early experience with exploring the outdoors, it only made sense that she took to snapping photos of her picturesque surroundings. Josie’s grandparents were also great friends with world-famous photographer Ansel Adams, only further peaking her interest in photography. At the age of 18, Josie began taking photos professionally, and now the photo-snapping explorer has accumulated quite the social media following for her eye-catching shots.

To Josie, being a Katin Explorer means going beyond the simple urge to experience new places, but also means encouraging others to get out there and see the world around them.

“I would say an explorer is anyone who has to travel and see new places in order to stay sane. Sounds funny but it's true. Traveling and exploring around any place literally is what makes my heart tick,” Josie says.

Josie, although hard to catch in between her radical trips around the world, can be found exploring every corner of the Central Coast, or shooting photos of her friends and family.

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