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Jared Watson

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Jared Watson, Born in the same city as Katin, in Sunset Beach, Calif., Jared Watson was practically raised in the Kanvas by Katin Surf Shop. Watson’s dad owned a wood shop next door to the surf store for 30 years and often times would bring Jared and his brother Jesse to work, where the boys would pop next door to hang at the iconic surf shop. Jared calls the shop “family,” and says legendary Katin seamstress Sato Hughes was like their “godmother” and she would look after them, along with Sato's son, “Uncle Glenn” Hughes. Jared’s brother Jesse started working at the shop at 16 and is still currently the Katin shop manager. After a short stint working for his brother, Jared was “fired” from the shop and went on to pursue other various artistic avenues. Jared initially pursued a tattoo apprenticeship with the hopes of becoming a tattoo artist. Unbeknownst to Jared, his life soon changed forever after a comically unserious, “rap” session with now bandmate Dustin Bushnell (Duddy B) at a random house party turned into a lead singing music career. “I’d never known anything about music, I’d never sang, I’d never rapped. Then we started messing around and a couple months went by, we’d just been writing and writing and me and Duddy realized we had a lot of similarities in the music we liked,” Jared said. “We were writing a lot of songs and we were kind of like, ‘This is fun, I think I don’t suck at this.’ and Duddy’s like ‘No you're good we should start a little band.’” The “reggae-rock roots” band that is Dirty Heads today launched in the early 2000s in an acoustic fashion. Jared, Duddy and percussionist Jon Olazabal played many acoustic sets at bars, coffee shops and back yard parties, looking to jam out, share their stellar tunes and have a good time. After experiencing a rapid spike in popularity, the three bandmates snagged a manager who assisted in the formation of making the Dirty Heads an official touring band, and from then the Dirty Heads band was born. The Dirty Heads have since only skyrocketed to the forefront of the music scene, touring and selling out shows across the country. However, when Jared isn’t gracing festival stages from coast to coast he enjoys down time with his wife and pup, simply cooking, relaxing and hopping on a board or two to surf and skate. Jared is also an avid gamer and recently launched a gaming podcast called “Worthless Game Review,” where he humorously but truthfully reviews video games for fans. Lastly, adding yet another job to his resume, Jared is also a co-founder of lifestyle brand TGRSHRK, which he started with Katin Creative Director Jason Rodriguez. To Jared, a man of many talents and dreams, being apart of the Katin team allows him the chance to celebrate tradition and embrace adventure. A Katin Explorer possesses a lot more than just the desire to explore new places and things. To him, to be called a Katin Explorer holds a true, deep-rooted appreciation and classic brand timelessness, incomparable to any other. “To put Katin before the word ‘Explorer,’ carries even more weight because Katin has such a history and it’s so original for being the first board shorts and this little shop to this rad clothing company. There’s a lot of weight behind it,” Jared said.
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