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Bradford Golden, 33, who currently calls La Jolla, San Diego home, first got into photography after going on a surf trip to Micronesia. From that trip forward, Bradford was hooked, claiming the thing he loves most about capturing the timeless beauty of the ocean and beyond is that it forces him to slow down and really focus on the “moment.” “We all fall victim to the high speed nature of our society and surroundings, so grabbing a camera and taking a moment to appreciate what is right in front of us is what I love,” Brad says. Brad not only captures photos of the waves, but he can also be found surfing them almost every morning on and off his board. When Brad isn’t roaming the ocean depths he also seeks solitude on the nearest golf course or fishing for fresh water eats. To Brad, being a Katin Explorer means that he gets to collaborate with a company that shares the same values and visions that he holds dear. He says that he loves the opportunity to bring some of his own “inspiration and stoke to the table to share with others who identify with the Katin brand and mission.” Stay up to date on Brad’s oceanic adventures and world travels by following him on Instagram at @goldentuna.
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