Aaron Brimhall was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although he regularly hangs his hat in his Salt Lake City home, Aaron travels around the world, camera in hand, capturing his many outdoor adventures. After being inspired by likeminded adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, Aaron felt compelled to do the same through the lens of his camera, and created a colorful Instagram documenting his global travels. Aaron has since worked with countless brands, magazines, websites and companies, from Urban Outfitters, Nitro Circus and Toyota to Maxim, Dice Magazine and Skullcandy, to name a few. To Aaron, being a Katin Explorer means that he is lucky enough to have explored, especially with another adventurous Katin Explorer James Barkman. While continuing to live in Salt Lake City and globe-trot with his wife, Aaron hopes to simply make more memories and friends this year. “That's honestly the best part about traveling is making new friends.” Follow Aaron Brimhall and his adventures on Instagram. www.aaronbrimhall.com@aaronbhall.

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