The Katin 'K-Man' Collection

The Katin 'K-Man' Collection

Katin is excited to share, for the first time ever, the official 'K-Man' Collection. Paying homage to Katin's iconic beachside heritage, the K-Man collection features authentic 1960s K-Man graphics atop contemporary Katin clothing silhouettes. 


From hooded fleece pullover, long sleeve tees, outerwear, graphic tees and more are all available online and in store now, all with the original K-Man designs. 

Now a little history for those who do not know the true heritage and story behind the K-Man.


In the early 1950s Nancy and Walter Katin were in the business of making canvas boat covers. It was upon request from local surfers that they made the first pair of custom canvas surf trunks. Word quickly spread of their ability to withstand the demands of the sea and an industry was born. Katin continues to take pride in its title as California’s first surf brand and continues its commitment to selling high-quality, durable goods, on the beach and beyond. 


Born by the beach and raised along the California coast since 1954, Katin remains a staple of Southern California culture. While continuing to pay homage to its iconic beachside heritage, Katin proudly embodies the life of a true explorer, embracing all of the Golden State’s versatile terrains, from the southern sunny beaches and bold desert bedrocks to the dense northern forests and snow-capped mountaintops.


Shop this one-of-a-kind collection, straight from Katin's history, available now HERE. 

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William f kinsey says:

I love the new k man clothing lineup, a throwback in time, love that colorful k man surf patch, the original one. Stoked to see that make a comeback. Surf’s up dudes.

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