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We invite everyone to come join us in wishing Sato Hughes a Happy Birthday.

Katin - The Sato Story from Katin USA on Vimeo.


Enjoy a day filled with food, drinks, music, tons of Katin gear and of course, Sato herself, on Saturday, May 19, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Katin surf shop, 16250 Pacific Coast Hwy Huntington Beach, CA 92649. 


The story of this legendary Katin seamstress begins in 1928, in Kawasaki, Japan, where Sato Hughes was born. Sato, although a master of the art now, initially learned how to sew as a young student in Japan. After moving to the U.S. in the early 1960s, Sato truly began harnessing her sewing craft while hemming and tapering clothing at a local dry-cleaning shop in Seal Beach, California. Walter and Nancy, who were regular dry-cleaning patrons, chatted with Sato from time to time on their visits to the Seal Beach cleaners.

Although she had only been in America for six months, Walter was eager to add a talented seamstress to their team to keep up with the high demand for trunks, and excitedly hired Sato to work at the shop in 1961. With the addition of Sato, an industry and a loyal following were born.

Soon some of the biggest names in surfing, from Shaun Tomson and Peter Townsend to Reno Abillero, Gerry Lopez and Eddie Aikau would go on to sport these handmade custom trunks from Sato. To this day, Sato is still sewing strong, creating custom trunks for all, at the same Kanvas by Katin surf shop in Sunset Beach. 

Please join us in celebrating the 90th birthday of the legendary Sato Hughes.



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danny hazlewood
danny hazlewood

April 15, 2020

Hello sato hope you are still around and doing fine. I remember the 6o,s Nancy, Walt, and mike the Weiner dog. Take Care babe!!!


August 20, 2018

Live in seal beach and go to Katin a lot – just traveling through Japan noticed a Katin by Kansas surf shop shirt but with a Japanese city on it that a local was wearing…had to look it up since I thought it was local to sunset beach and now I learn this! So awesome!! Happy Birthday! 🤙🏽

robert casey
robert casey

May 21, 2018

Happy birthday

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