Katin Window Build Out At Hobie Surf Shop


We are excited to announce the launch of our Spring/Summer ‘15 window build out at Katin retailer and iconic Laguna Beach surf shop, Hobie Surf Shop

In celebration of legendary Katin Seamstress, Sato Hughes and her decades of devotion to creating high-quality, custom surf trunks, Katin has designed the Hobie window build out to replicate her original work station in the Kanvas By Katin surf shop in Surfside, Calif. Displaying authentic wood panel-lined walls, with strategically placed vintage photographs encased in colorful picture frames, the Katin

window build out takes visitors back in time, right into Sato's workspace. 

Peep the build out and in-store threads below and head to Hobie in Laguna Beach to see it for yourself! 






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