Katin Throwback

In honor of Katin's legendary history, we felt it only necessary to dedicate Throwback Thursdays to the unparalleled past and iconic story of Katin.  

Although today we maintain our commitment to selling high-quality, durable goods, both with the iconic surf trunks and unparalleled lifestyle apparel, we at Katin continue to take pride in our title as one of California’s first brands to make surf trunks and we want to share our throwbacks with you! 

This week's Katin Throwback is dedicated to Nancy Katin and friends. Nancy Katin was known as the “First Lady of Surfing,” not just because of her quality clothing, but because she befriended the surfers and became their second mom.

When Nancy began the surf trunk business in the 1950s and into the early 1960s surfing was not a "trendy" sport. Kids who were hopping on a board and catching waves were considered "weirdoes" and "beachcombers." However, Nancy made sure that Katin’s small surf shop had a counter with a couch and a few chairs, so she could sit there and talk to the local kids about anything and everything.

Be sure to check out blog next Thursday for our next Katin Throwback. Share any of your Katin throwbacks from close, lifestyle, outdoor adventures and beyond by tagging #KatinUSA on your #TBT photos!

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